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Only the highest-quality beans roasted and shipped fresh and fast. Available for pickup locally: 6618 W. 69th St. OP KS 66204. 913.221.2184



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all that matters

Ever since the year of our dark coffee lord, 2018, Cacophony Coffee Roasters have been roasting only the highest-quality beans in small batches with the ultimate in artisanal care and passion.

Only the finest

single-origin beans

Rotating specialty coffees from around the world.

Thad, holy crap.

We buy Starbucks, Roastery, Thou Mayest, Messanger etc. and I like your coffee way better…good stuff I’m very impressed. -Tom

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Freshness matters

a lot. no, really

Roasted and shipped/delivered the next day. This insures that you are getting the beans at their height of flavor. This makes a huge difference in your coffee experience. A. Huge. Difference.